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why our laser is safer & superior

Palomar Vectus™ Laser

Palomar Vectus LaserThe Vectus™ Laser is the intelligent choice for fast laser hair removal. A dedicated solution for high-volume hair removal, the Vectus laser uses optimized technology to provide fast, uniform, permanent hair reduction for the widest range of skin and hair types - without sacrificing comfort.

The Vectus Laser is the product of Palomar's unequaled experience in developing superior hair removal technologies, empowering the aesthetic provider with intelligent features that optimize hair removal treatments.

Featuring the largest spot size and most uniform beam profile available today, the Vectus laser allows providers to quickly treat unwanted hair, even in the largest areas such as a back, in less than five minutes.

Sapphire treatment tips with Advanced Contact CoolingSM help protect the epidermis and help keep clients comfortable throughout treatment, while Photon RecyclingSM and the uniform beam profile allow for the most thorough coagulation of hair follicles - reducing the need for multiple, overlapping passes. The Vectus Laser features the integrated Skintel™ Melanin Reader™ the only FDA-cleared melanin reader, helping providers to more safely offer optimized hair removal treatments tailored to each client's skin type, lifestyle, and ethnicity.

Palomar has led the field of permanent hair reduction - from receiving the first U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance for laser hair removal in 1997, through developing the best-selling hair removal laser, to advancing the science of hair removal technology with the next-generation Palomar Vectus Laser.

For the practice that wants to offer additional popular aesthetic treatments through one cost-effective system, the Palomar Icon™ Laser and Optimized Light™ Platform includes options for permanent hair reduction in addition to other popular energy-based cosmetic treatments.


Palomar Vectus™ Laser

- High peak power

- Short-pulse capability

- Advanced Contact CoolingSM for increased client comfort

Palomar Vectus Laser

- Large spot size for fast coverage

- Small spot size for more precise treatment areas

Palomar Vectus Laser

Vectus offers a more uniform beam without "hot spots" for less overlap and better performance.

* Data on file.

"Vectus™ Laser hair removal is absolutely superior to all other existing technology. Its spot size allows the treatment of male backs or female legs within 20 minutes and its parameters are optimal for minimizing patient discomfort. The Skintel™ Melanin Reader quantifies the melanin concentration of skin - allowing users to optimize treatment settings to more safely obtain the most optimal results."

Josefina Royo de la Torre, MD

"Our patients are impressed by the Skintel™ Melanin Reader and its ability to customize settings according to their individual skin and hair types. Thanks to the good results and the comfortable treatment, patients only want to be treated with the Vectus™ Laser."

Nicola Otte, MD

"The Vectus™ Laser's guided user interface in combination with the Skintel™ melanin reading is unique and in my practice makes permanent hair reduction a safer, more predictable treatment due to more refined treatment parameters. The speed of the system and large spot size treats larger areas more efficiently, enabling my practice to treat more patients each day."

Welf Prager, MD

Skintel™ Melanin Reader™

Skintel Melanin ReaderThe Skintel™ Melanin Reader™ provides an additional element of treatment confidence by determining the average melanin density of skin, in a quantitative manner, prior to energy-based aesthetic treatment - such as hair removal or skin renewal. Understanding how much melanin is in the skin helps the aesthetic professional to better choose the treatment settings on Palomar systems for enhanced treatment outcomes, while minimizing risk of over treatment.

For use with the Palomar Icon™ Aesthetic System and the Vectus™ Laser, the Skintel™ reader aids the treatment process by providing suggested test spot settings based on the individual's Melanin Index value.

Until now, aesthetic treatment providers have primarily relied on fairly subjective tools to determine a client's skin type - including the traditional Fitzpatrick Skin Type evaluation, observations of the client's skin, and the client's account of recent sun exposure.

The Skintel™ Melanin Reader™, the only FDA-cleared melanin reader, now offers practitioners a quantitative method of measuring melanin content for better treatment guidance and an added element of confidence.


How the Skintel™ Melanin Reader™ Works:

Skintel Melanin Reader

The Skintel Melanin Reader measures the skin diffuse reflectance at three unique wavelengths of light. These values are computed into a Melanin Index value, which corresponds to a Skintel fluence as a suggestion for a starting test spot fluence.

The aesthetic treatment provider takes Skintel measurements on a section of skin within or near the area to be treated. An average of the measurements is sent to the Palomar system via a wireless connection.

The Palomar system then suggests a starting test spot fluence; the practitioner then uses clinical judgment to choose a starting test spot fluence, which may be the suggested Skintel fluence or a higher or lower fluence.

"The Skintel Melanin Reader helps keep my eyeball honest. You can't always accurately evaluate skin visually, especially in areas where there is underlying redness overlaid with pigmentation. The Skintel reader helps me understand what's truly going on under the skin."

-E. Victor Ross, MD

"The Skintel Melanin Reader provides me with added confidence in treating my patients successfully from the first treatment. The objectivity of the Skintel reader takes the guess work out of assessing a patient's skin."

-Jeremy Green, MD

"In my opinion, the Skintel reader has revolutionized the way that laser surgeons decide on the parameters used to treat their patients. The Skintel reader may allow the clinician to optimize the parameters they use to treat patients while lowering the risk of injuries such as crusting, burns, branding etc. that can occur when parameters are set based on skin typing alone. Personally, I have been very impressed with results in hair removal and skin renewal utilizing Skintel reader suggested test parameters. I am most impressed with the ability to use much higher fluences with the R series handpieces in patients with browner skin tones."

-David Vasily, MD

"Many of our patients are from varied genetic backgrounds and it can be difficult to accurately assess Fitzpatrick skin type. I have found the Skintel reader to be a very precise, reproducible measurement of baseline melanin. It enhances a clinical assessment and sees melanin that our eyes don't. I predict that it will be a leading technology to prevent overtreatment of tanned or pigmented skin with light devices."

-Robert Weiss, MD

"With the Skintel Melanin Reader, I am able to record my patients' melanin densities. This helps take the guess-work out of my consultations, and provides key insight into test settings. In addition, the Skintel reader also provides real data to know if the patient has been exposed to the sun between visits. The Skintel reading assists me in deciding whether to do the treatment now, or hold off a little while. I can also share the Skintel reading with my patient, so they better understand my treatment decisions. I have also found the Skintel reader to be useful in those challenging patients who seem to be slightly darker than their initial treatments, and can help document that Melanin Index is indeed higher than a previous treatment."

-Joel Cohen, MD

The real-time assessment of patients' melanin content with the Skintel reader, which is communicated wirelessly to the Palomar Icon platform, makes procedures easier and helps to limit potential complications. Both patients and physicians can benefit from the Skintel reader - physicians can better choose test spot parameters while patients can benefit from avoiding unnecessary sessions caused by incorrect melanin assessment. The Skintel Melanin Reader is a real revolution in performing IPL treatments.

- Maurice Adatto, MD

"The Skintel™ Melanin Reader quantifies the melanin concentration of skin - optimizing treatment settings to more safely obtain the most optimal results."

- Josefina Royo de la Torre, MD